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Dental Implants

Replace your missing tooth or teeth

Like natural teeth

Treatment with dental implants is a safe, reliable and well-proven solution for permanently replacing one or more missing teeth.

A dental implant is a way of replacing a missing tooth or teeth. The implant is fitted into the jawbone acting just like the root of a natural tooth. Once the implant has fully integrated into the bone the implant is then restored. Implants are the tooth replacement method that most closely looks and feels like a natural tooth. In addition to this, an implant requires no adjusting or ‘cutting’ of the adjacent teeth and as such is often the best solution for replacing missing teeth

When a tooth is lost, over time there will be a shrinkage of bone, gums and a loss of facial definition. For many having missing teeth can lead to people being negatively self- conscious of their mouth and smile, creating a loss in confidence. Often patients with missing teeth are also restricted in what they can eat due to lack of chewing ability. Being self-conscious of your appearance because of missing teeth, or not being able to eat comfortably, or lisping can be very debilitating indeed.

Implants provide a predictable, and often life changing, solution for tooth replacement. We use advanced techniques making it possible to place implants where previously it was considered unviable. If you would like to discuss Implants, as well as any alternative tooth replacement options please contact us on 01227 761158 or email

All of our dentists are able to provide implants:

Dr Surinder Bhatti

Surinder has been surgically placing and restoring dental implants since 2005, and started using dental implants working alongside highly regarded and experienced implantologists in London. Over that time he has attended numerous advanced implant courses including the Royal college of Surgeons Implant Diploma course and continues to keep up to date with the latest techniques in this ever changing field. His surgical experience allows him to place implants even when bone levels are not ideal as he uses techniques to build up bone volume, or adapt the available bone using specialised instruments.

Surinder Bhatti is my dentist and I have probably been the most difficult patient. I needed two implants (straight forward) but my bone was too small so we had to do bone augmentation surgery, and then my gums turned out to be too thin, so I had to have two gum graft surgeries. Usually I would be terrified of dental surgery, but Surinder is the best dentist/surgeon and makes me feel at ease.

I would highly recommend this practice!

Surinder is able to carry out sinus surgery to enable implants to be placed where often it is not possible with the current bone levels and he can also undertake block bone grafts and soft tissue grafts to help achieve successful results. Surinder reviews his implant work continuously and at the time of writing has 98% success rate with implant placements and treatments since 2005. Surinder accepts implant referrals from various dentists in the Kent area.

I never thought I would ever post such a personal review but here goes. I have worn a denture since the age of 12 (57 years) and although I have total confidence in Surinder Bhatti I don’t know who was more surprised him or me when I said let’s get some implants. My treatment was a total reconstruction taking a year.

A big thank you to Surinder for all of the attention to detail and to everyone at St Dunstans Dental Practice for their consideration, patience and kindness. My first present to myself was a Red Lipstick that I can wear with confidence. If you’re thinking about implants take the first step and have a consultation at St Dunstans Dental Practice.

Mr Ian Small

Since being involved in one of the first UK university studies of implants in 1988 Ian has been planning and restoring implants both for his own patients and those referred by other dental practices. Treatment may involve implants alone but referrals are often made specifically because the patient’s implant needs are complicated by other wider issues that require more complex planning and integrated treatment. Long term audit of implant cases, looking at the success rates and issues that arise over the years is an integral part of continuing evolution and new techniques. The practice utilises 3D CT imaging and the latest advances in CAD CAM and digital printing techniques

Aisha AlShawaf

BDS 1986, FDSRCS, MFGDP, Dip Imp Dent RCS, GDC 72889

Aisha graduated in Iraq in 1986 and has worked in the UK since 1989. She spent 11 years working in hospital oral surgery services, gaining the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and was accepted onto the Specialist list for Oral Surgery. She worked for three years in general practice near Edinburgh before joining us here in Canterbury in September 2000 as an associate dentist. Aisha continued with her studies becoming a Member of the Faculty, she also works as an Oral Surgery Specialist at the Kent & Canterbury Hospital.