Sam Davidson

RDH 2000, GDC 5664
Dental Hygienist

Sam returned to Kent after 24 years in the Royal Army Dental Corp to be nearer to family and her daughter's school. She brings with her, a wide range of skills and experience both in treating her own patients and also in teaching and managing services. She has worked closely with Periodontists and other specialists and enjoys treating both adults and children.

As a teacher, her roles have included being a dental nurse instructor and Examiner for the Dental Nursing Board as well as presentations to groups in schools and on a one-to-one basis with individual patients. She has pioneered several successful smoking cessation clinics and a weight management clinic.

She loves to see patients improving their dental health and constantly seeks to learn new ways to support this including qualifications in tooth whitening, Oral Health Education and Smoking Cessation Counselling. Sam has training in Neuro Linguistic Programming to help patients who are nervous or phobic.

Sam likes to maintain her fitness and is a keen horse-rider and skier. Having served in Germany, Cyprus, England and Kenya, she loves to travel, visiting friends and family and introducing her daughter to exciting new places.

Sam Davidson RDH 2000, GDC 5664 Dental Hygienist at St Dunstan's Dental Practic, Canterbury, Kent